Mission and values

Petrads Mission

Petrad’s mission is to design and deliver capacity building activities for petroleum resource management, primarily for participants from developing countries.

(From Petrad’s foundation statutes)


Values and fundamental assumptions

Our courses and other services are based on the following values and fundamental assumptions concerning the management of petroleum resources.

  1. Petroleum resources can and should be converted to lasting benefits for the host nation.
  2. Petroleum resources are best managed in a framework which includes national authorities as well as commercial enterprises, each having distinct and essential roles.
  3. People’s health, safety and the natural environment are values in their own right, which must be protected from the potentially harmful effects of petroleum operations.
  4. Petroleum operations can never be absolutely risk free, but risks can and should be kept at low levels through systematic identification and management.
  5. Education and competence are required for safe and sustainable petroleum development.
  6. Corruption is unacceptable.