Can you be a Petrad resource person?

Petrad welcomes opportunities to add highly qualified professionals to our list of potential lecturers at our courses. Following a prequalification procedure we may engage such personnel for individual or serial assignments by mutual agreement from case to case.

Our lecturers are passionate about their profession and about sharing knowledge with astute audiences.  Their insights are derived from hands-on experience and formal sources. They usually have a master or doctorate degree and are into the second half of their working career, having accomplished many years of relevant work.  They are in positions which affords the possibility of taking on occasional lecturing assignments. Currently most of our lecturers reside in Norway, which has tended to be convenient given our own location.  We are looking to increase our portfolio of lecturers based elsewhere and with different backgrounds.

Lectures and presentation materials are usually in English language, and are required to conform with certain quality standards. Presentation materials will be peer-reviewed, and lectures will receive feedback and ratings from participants. Lecturers not appearing on behalf of an institution will be offered remuneration.

Resource persons who have successfully provided a certain amount of lectures for us and who we expect to contribute also on future occasions, may be admitted as a listed member of the Petrad Faculty

Do you believe you have what it takes?  Call or email our managing director at It will be helpful if your emailed expression of interest provides the following information as brief keywords about you:

  1. The main professional field (or up to three fields) in which you believe you can contribute to our programmes
  2. Your current employer, position and responsibility
  3. Your academic degree
  4. Year of birth
  5. Country of residence