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Introduction to Upstream Technical Data: 5-days instructor-led course, 12th-16th April 2021

Introduction to Upstream Technical Data: 5-days instructor-led course, 12th - 16th April 2021

The Introduction to Upstream Technical Data course provides an overview of the technical data that is a crucial to operating a successful oil company. It covers the estimation of data’s impact, the key categories of data, data management practices, effective governance, defining standards, measuring data quality and implementing improvement projects. The course focuses on all aspects of “upstream” technical data, that is the data that enables petroleum to be found and extracted from the ground. It first establishes a number of ways to measure the impact that data has on the overall success of any oil company. It outlines the different categories of data that are employed during the exploration and production phases and the best way to define, standardize and assess the data. It also explains data governance and how the data flows can be documented (Read more...)

The course is instructor-led on 12th-16th April 2021, conducted online. The course is highly interactive with a mix of lecturer presentations, group discussions, participant presentations and class discussions.Participants are expected to have access to internet and be on-line at the course on the course days from 9:00 am to 3:00pm (Stavanger time).    

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Oil and Gas Business Simulation with OilSim - 4 days online 1st – 4th  June 2021

This course will provide participants with an enhanced understanding of the whole petroleum exploration and production value chain from geoscientific, engineering, and economical perspective. 

The OilSim upstream learning simulator takes users through the entire exploration and production business process—from acquiring a block to its development, production, and abandonment. In this innovative and interactive training method, participants are divided into teams and challenge each other to achieve the best results, based on strategy selection and decision-making in a simulated business environment.

On completion of this course, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Explain the overall oil and gas exploration, development, and production process
  • Interpret geophysical, geological, and engineering data used in exploration, development and production
  • Assess the economic viability of reservoirs. Know elements reservoir depletion, including secondary recovery issues
  • Compare and evaluate different field development designs
  • Create field development project plans and understand the practical implications when implementing the plans
  • Know the implications of different decisions in the operations phase (Read more...)



National Management of Petroleum Resources

POSTPONED until further notice 

PETRAD offers a two weeks course “National Management of Petroleum Resources”. We had planned it for 31 May - 11 June 2021 in Stavanger, Norway, but we need to postpone it unitl further notice due to Coronavirus restrictions. 

The course aims at enhancing the participants’ insight of the requirements for managing the petroleum sector of a nation, in terms of the context, process and content of effective resource management.   Read more...


Verification of charges to PSC and Joint Venture activities - 3 days

Online or onsite

Production Sharing Agreements (PSA) and Joint Operating agreements (JOA) are two of the main ways of organizing the O&G activities. Both the JVs and the PSAs are highly affected and exposed to the costs and allocation being charged to the activity by the operator. Allocations and charges to the activity are regulated by the agreements in the PSA and the JOA. Audits undertaken by the non-operators and the regulators are essential to ensure and verify that the cost charges are correctly charged to the activity.

The course is designed to give an understanding and knowledge about the cost being charged and allocated the operated activity and paid by the partnerships in the JVs or deducted in the PSAs. Ultimately the participants shall be able to verify, challenge and reject cost being charged to the O&G activity of concern. 

The course will give the participants challenges and insights to real-life cases where the understanding of the course material is being tested as well understanding of the day to day activities in the operations. Read more...

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