What we do

What we do

Petrad provides courses and other capacity building support for managing petroleum resources as interactions between national authorities and commercial enterprises. Our mission and values are stated on a separate page.

Courses are held either for a specific client or by individual enrolment. They may be held in Norway (usually in Stavanger, where we are located) or at a client location. Our training catalogue lists courses which we can provide on demand. Check our main page for upcoming courses for individual enrolment. You can also submit an expression of interest for training with Petrad, without any commitment. 

Most of our events are financed by participation fees or by agreement with a single client institution. Some events are organised by Petrad by agreement with the Oil for Development programme, and may be sponsored by the programme for selected participants as indicated under the description of such events on the petrad.no web pages. 

Petrad is a network organisation, having a small permanent staff and employing the services of many competent professionals as resource persons at our events. Occasionally, representatives of Norwegian authorities or corporations appear as lecturers at our events. 

Petrad is a foundation, and it is not a Norwegian government institution. Petrad has a long history of working by agreements with Norwegian government institutions, in particular in relation to the Oil for Development programme managed by Norad, Norway's authority for international develoment co-operation. Petrad currently has frame agreements with Norad and several other Norwegian authorities for work in relation to this. What you learn and hear at our events should not be construed as being policy positions by Norway's Government, unless the presenter has been explicitly introduced as a Government representative and speaking in such capacity.