What we do


Petrad provides knowledge on managing petroleum resources.

In most countries, petroleum resources in the ground belong to the nation and must be managed by the government on behalf of the nation. Petroleum operations are usually carried out by oil and gas companies, many of which operate internationally, and which can bring the capabilities needed for effective and safe petroleum operations.

Interactions between governments and companies are therefore a core aspect of managing petroleum resources. Petrad’s services are provided on this background, involving national authorities and commercial firms.  Participants at our courses tend to come from both those groups of institutions, as well as educators, civil society professionals and others whose work concern the management of petroleum resources in a societal context.

Petrad’s work is based on a simple set of values and beliefs on how petroleum resources should be managed. You can read these on the Mission and values page.

Courses etc.

We offer courses and other learning events. The courses are either for individual registration (registration courses) or reserved for a client institution (client courses). Courses last from 2 days to 8 weeks. Many are given at our location in Stavanger, Norway, where we are co-located with the main regulatory authorities for Norway’s petroleum sector. We also deliver courses at other locations world-wide, most often client courses. 

Our training catalogue lists courses which we can provide, and in addition it is possible to design client courses suited to specific client needs and circumstances. The scheduled courses page lists registration courses (open for individual registration) which are currently scheduled to take place.

The annual Petrad 8 weeks has for many years been our “flagship” product, drawing participants from many countries to an intense 8 weeks of interactive learning in Stavanger.

Petrad can also deliver advisory services related to the fields of knowledge covered by our courses.

A not-for-profit network organisation

To deliver the content of its courses and other services, Petrad draws on the expertise of many senior professionals who are or have been employed with petroleum sector organisations. Many have spent their careers mainly with the Norwegian petroleum sector, as public servants and/or private sector professionals, and many have worked also internationally. We are in the process of broadening our base of resource persons internationally. Petrad’s own employed staff is small, working largely to plan and administer the courses and other services.

After many years of enjoying financial support from Norway’s Government, Petrad is now self-financed based on fees paid by course participants and other clients. Course applicants must take note of the listed course attendance fees. We are generally not in a position to provide stipends or scholarships.

We’d like to hear from you

You are invited to send us a note petrad@petrad.no, particularly ….

  • if you are a past course participant and wish to share some thoughts on the experience you had with us;
  • if you are interested in participating at one of our courses, even if it is currently not scheduled for any particular time, or you have not yet been able to obtain the approval from your employer;
  • if you have thoughts on another course we should offer, and your employer institution would likely be interested in sending participants to such a course;
  • If you have an interest and relevant capabilities to contribute as a lecturer to our courses.