Links to more knowledge

The Internet has lots of sites offering reports and other information on petroleum related issues  -  some better than others.  Here are some of our favourites:

The International Energy Agency (IEA): This intergovernmental organisation linked to the OECD is concerned with the global supply of energy, including effective energy use and related environmental issues.  It provides statistics and topical reports, some of which for free download, on its web page  If you wish to follow the oil market closely, get their monthly Oil Market Report. IEA provides its World Energy Outlook, a comprehensive review and supporting analyses of the long term prospects for global energy supply.  (Other, long term forecasts of the global energy situations are provided by the Energy Information Administration of the USA and by several large oil firms.)

The oil company BP publishes every year in June a statistical data set on world energy use, production and reserves.  Go to and look for the BP Statistical Review of World Energy.

The World bank:  In addition to finance, the World Bank provides research on a number of topics related to development. World Bank personnel often write reports summarising insights gained from their various missions.  A list of keyword topic links is provided on .   “Extractive industries” is relevant for petroleum resource management, as it covers petroleum and mined resources.  Check also the “Energy” link.

The Natural Resources Governance institute is a leading non-governmental organisation providing a large number of publications related to the management of petroleum as well as other natural resources in a public perspective.

Chatham House is a policy institute for international affairs, based in London. It has research publications on a wide range of international issues including resource governance and energy.

Several industry periodicals provide news and analysis on the petroleum industry with a focus on technical and commercial issues, of which some information can be obtained for free and some require a subscription (Subscription can in some cases be obtained for free by filling in a form on the web site). The Oil and Gas Journal, World Oil and Offshore are relevant sources.

On technical issues the publications of the Society of Petroleum Engineers are a relevant source.