Oil and Gas Business Simulation with OilSim - 4 days

Course Description

This course will provide participants with an enhanced understanding of the whole petroleum exploration and production value chain from geoscientific, engineering, and economical perspective. On completion of this course, participants are expected to be able to:

  • Explain the overall oil and gas exploration, development, and production process
  • Interpret geophysical, geological, and engineering data used in exploration, development and production
  • Assess the economic viability of reservoirs. Know elements reservoir depletion, including secondary recovery issues
  • Compare and evaluate different field development designs
  • Create field development project plans and understand the practical implications when implementing the plans
  • Know the implications of different decisions in the operations phase

The OilSim upstream learning simulator takes users through the entire exploration and production business process—from acquiring a block to its development, production, and abandonment. In this innovative and interactive training method, participants are divided into teams and challenge each other to achieve the best results, based on strategy selection and decision-making in a simulated business environment.


This course is for anyone working in or around the oil and gas industry and who needs to have an overall understanding of upstream value chain.


A background, degree or experience in the geosciences, engineering or a financial area (finance, accounting, etc.) is preferred but not necessary.

Course Schedule

Challenge 1 Initial Screening: Your challenge is to identify the sedimentary basins using gravimetric and magnetic surveys.
Challenge 2 Prospecting: Your challenge is to find the best acreage and win the bid in competition with the other teams. You study environmental surveys, regional geological maps, 2D seismic surveys and topographic maps and decide on a bidding strategy with you team.

Challenge 3 Exploration Drilling: Your challenge is to find out if the block you operate contains oil and/or gas in commercial quantities. You negotiate with other teams to share the risk. You study 3D seismic surveys, you do an environmental impact assessment, you contract drilling rigs and service providers, you make a budget, and study the results from drilling.

Challenge 4 Depletion Plan: Your challenge is to make plans to deplete the reservoirs using injection and production wells. You study the reservoir characteristics, nodal analysis, and production profiles to make optimal well plans.

Challenge 5 Facilities Plan: Your challenge is to choose and dimension the facilities and equipment needed to process and transport the oil and gas from the reservoirs. You study metrological surveys, production platforms, pipelines, and flow-lines.

Challenge 6 Construction Project: Your challenge is to plan and then execute the construction of the asset. You study activity network diagrams, providers, local content.

Registration and fee

Registrations to participate are made on the enclosed form and deadline for registration is 7th May 2021.

Tuition fee: USD 1000. Invoice for payment will be sent after the registration form is received. Payment has to be paid by 14th of May 2021.

Registration form is attached at the end of this message.



Paula Kelly -Director of Integrated Training at Schlumberger

Over 25 years of training and training related project management. Specialist in client liaison and relationship management from schools and universities to oil and gas services, independent majors, NOCs and ministries. Passionate about using gamification and the latest recruitment and L&D practices to bridge the gap between very experienced technical persons and the new adventurous, millennial workforce; managing the change in team profiles, dynamics and abilities. Leading innovation and change management of how knowledge and skills transfer is achieved in a technology driven world. Very excited to be a champion for the evolving face of recruitment, learning and development, as we wrestle with the running pace of transformation and Industry 4.0. Highly motivated to provide meaningful and progressive stakeholder relations through honest and frank discussions and actions that benefit everyone involved.