Frian Aarsnes

Project Director

Frian Aarsnes is a State Authorized Public Accountant by education - covering the areas of accounting, auditing, economics, finance, law, tax and valuations. He is an internationally recognized expert on extractive industry sector development, author of many reports and publications and key speaker at various international conferences. Developed a long and varied experience from working in/with/for more than 30+ countries, stopped counting when he passed 200 transactions and has done more than 150 international trainings and workshops for governments. Through a unique set of circumstances he has got an insight into extractive industries that few can match; natural resource governance; extractive sector development; capacity development and local content policies; fiscal systems & revenue management;  negotiating agreements; investing in, financing of and economics in extractive value chains; modeling; screening; valuation; transparency and auditing (fiscal audits, tax audits, internal control, corruption audits, partner audits). Through an extensive work in the taxation area he has become an international expert in most aspects of international taxation, compliance and fiscal instruments.